Profit All Year Long

Solar panels covered in snow?  Don’t wait until spring, choose Buffalo Turbine to easily and affordably clear your solar panels and get them working for you again. Our powerful double stacked and single hydraulic machines remove snow, increasing the efficiency of your panels all year long. And our touchless operation never put your panels at risk of damage or scratching. 

Solar farms across the U.S. and Canada are already benefitting from this simple Buffalo Turbine solution. Some farms have even seen a return on investment in one day. It’s an easy decision… make more money during the winter or sit and hope for an early spring.

* Not just for snow. Our blowers can clear dust and pollen as well.

Relevant Machines

Single/Stacked Hydraulic Blower

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“Wow, these wind machines. My solar farm gets sort of gloomy. It gets slow and covered with the white powder.  There’s no power. Being generated. There’s no money. Being made. Start up this turbine and “Wham!” you’re off to the races, darling.”