FAQ’s – Debris/Leaf Blowers

Not at all, the USA changed the way in which engine hp is rated and the 27 hp became a 25 hp. The RPM at which the turbine spins is still the same to the performance has not changed.

WE DO NOT. Please don’t be fooled by manufacturers trying to pass off poor quality equipment as a Buffalo Turbine product. If it is a tow-behind turbine debris blower and it doesn’t say Buffalo Turbine, then it is most certainly not.

Yes, all of our tow-behind packages are bolt-on and can be easily removed and or reinstalled.

Yes, the Cyclone 8000 if perfect for homeowners and landscapers.


For many reasons we don’t use CFM or MPH as a measurement of performance. For the most part CFM and MPH are great standards of measurement in a closed-loop system (such as HVAC systems) but when there are external influences the numbers become a weak standard of measurement. We use the RPM at which the turbine rotates, which on our most popular unit is up to 3900 RPM.

As far as performance is concerned the nozzles are similar. The aluminum nozzle assembly allows the user to change the nozzle end in order to achieve better results. Nozzle ends can not be attached to the polymer nozzle.