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Made in the USA!

Buffalo Turbine’s Debris Blowers, Sprayers / Dusters, and Dust & Odor Control equipment are all manufactured at our facility in Springville, New York (14141), USA.  Since 1945, Buffalo Turbine has manufactured and shipped thousands of units worldwide to the Golf, Demolition, Mosquito and Vector Abatement Districts, Military, Construction, Paving, Blacktop Sealers, Landscaping and Homeowner markets.


What others say about us

I’ve worked with many people on the Buffalo Turbine team thru the years, and they have always all had one goal in mind- their customers.  Their innovation and enthusiasm for helping the industries they serve is refreshing when combined with the passionate people they hire.  I have loved being on a first name basis with the crew- Paul, Lou, Cheryl, Jody, Brian- they make me feel like family.

Jamie Rogers

In our years cooperating with Buffalo Turbine, I have experienced their impressive and persistent pursue of quality, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction which sets them apart from the competition. As one of its key suppliers, Tele Radio has always been committed to providing wireless control solutions in par with the highest standards demanded by Buffalo Turbine. What sets them apart is the technical competence and personal commitment of their management and employees. Working with Buffalo Turbine has been a challenging and rewarding journey for me. I have learned to admire this company as a perfect example of American ingenuity and determination. We are proud to be part of their trusted family and are committed to meeting and exceeding their high standards and total devotion to customer satisfaction.

Miguel Tellez