Buffalo Turbine - 10 Year Warranty

Buffalo Turbine Implements 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

[Springville, NY – August 30, 2018] As of September 1, 2018, Buffalo Turbine products are now backed by a 10-year warranty. As the industry leader, Buffalo Turbine continues to innovate while staying steadfast on creating durable, long-lasting products. In a time where “designed obsolescence” is a major portion of many business plans, Buffalo Turbine plans to have their products far outlast anyone else. Having units that are 40+ years old and still in service is a testament to how long this has been the philosophy.

In competitive markets, the argument of who makes a higher quality piece of equipment has never been a question. By offering a warranty that far exceeds the industry standards, Buffalo Turbine has again showed their never ending drive to quality and customer care. Providing a 10-year warranty shows the commitment that Buffalo Turbine has for their customer base.

Since 1945, Buffalo Turbine has focused on designing and building the highest quality products that the industry has to offer and will continue to employ the same practices for decades to come.

Now for the real wow! This warranty is retroactive to all existing machines sold after September 1, 2008! That’s right, if you own a Buffalo Turbine, the machine is now back under warranty.

Buffalo Turbine manufactures a complete line of debris blowers, dust & odor control and vector control products. All products are manufactured in the USA and have been since 1945. Buffalo Turbine uses high-precision machined components to build long-lasting, dependable products.

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