Does your equipment utilize individual spray nozzles?

We do not use individual nozzle tips, we use a rotary atomizer that is not prone to plugging and does not require high pressure pumps.

Can your Equipment run off of a standard garden-hose connection for water input?

Yes, simply attach to a garden hose and the machine is ready to go.

Do you only sell gas engine units?

No, we sell gas, diesel, PTO, hydraulic and a range of three-phase electric systems.

Who is my local dealer?

This will depend on location and the product. Please call 716-592-2700.

Do you sell Odor agents?

No we do not, we can recommend a company if needed.

Is your equipment acceptable to EPA standards for dust-control?

Our equipment satisfies the need for dust-control.

Where can I find pricing?

From your local dealer, please call 716-592-2700 to find out who your local representative is.

Can these machines be rented?

In many cases, yes. Most of our dealers participate in renting the Monsoon equipment.

Where can I find a manual for my machine?

Please contact your local dealer or call 716-592-2700.