Buffalo Turbine Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle 
Dust & Odor Control

The Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller line features the revolutionary industry first turbine driven Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle. Simply connect to a common 3/4″ garden hose with standard municipal water pressure and harness the power of a legendary Buffalo Turbine blower to effectively control job-site dust, odor and smoke at a fraction of the cost compared to machines that use spray nozzle tips.

Dust Control – Misting Systems

Mist suppression is one of the best methods for controlling dust. By creating a wall of micron size atomized fluid (commonly water) droplets, fugitive airborne pollutants bond to it, then instantly become heavier and safely drop to the ground. Until the introduction of Buffalo Turbines’ Dust Controller Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle, dust control was accomplished by costly, complicated, high maintenance spray nozzles and bulky fans commonly used for making fog or snow.

Greater Value

Offering even more value, the Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle can be powered by your choice of gas, electric, hydraulic or pto. Spray direction can be changed with remote 360 degree nozzle control for non-electric models and available 0, 45 and 90 degree elbow segments. Best of all, its compact size, ability to adjust water volume from 0 to 20 gallons per minute, and interchangeable mounting options make the Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller misting system portable and versatile between varying job-site environments.

Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle

The Need For Dust Control & Odor Control

Dust and Odor from demolition, recycling and waste sites can create potential health hazards for workers and the surrounding community. With air quality a primary environmental concern, many government agencies and local municipalities enforce clean air regulations.

Dust Control Simplified

The Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller simplifies Dust Control. As water filters out the mesh screen of the Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle, turbine force wind pulverizes it and projects uniform micron size droplets to create an atomized vapor wall capable of controlling dust and odor. A Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller featuring the revolutionary Buffalo Turbine Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle can effectively replace and reduce the operating cost of a similar machine that uses multiple spray nozzles tips.