Buffalo Turbine Celebrates 70 Year Anniversary

Springville, NY – Buffalo Turbine is proudly celebrating their 70 year anniversary. Established in 1945, their goal has always been to provide the highest quality sprayers and dusters for the Agricultural, Military, and Municipal markets. Buffalo Turbine quickly gained worldwide notoriety for their powerful, quality products. In the 80’s, the US Military requested that Buffalo Turbine help to establish Military Spec, Mil-S-23923D, for sprayer and duster units. This thorough and rigorous procedure actually helped to make our already well-built products even better and also gave Buffalo Turbine a positive reputation for future Military projects. Buffalo Turbine is again involved in another US Military project which cannot be disclosed at this time. All of the employees at Buffalo Turbine are very proud to be a key part of these Military projects especially knowing they continue to help to save our soldier’s lives.

The heart of all Buffalo Turbine products came with the development of their proprietary turbine blower assembly. Their design and usage technique, specifically the 360 degree nozzle control, revolutionize the sprayer and debris blower industries. This turbine is capable of producing a large volume and velocity of air and is capable of maintaining consistent airflow in any direction. On a fall day in 1996, while testing a sprayer unit outdoors, the nozzle was rotated at a slight angle to the ground and to everyone’s surprise, a wide path of leaves was quickly dispersed across the parking lot. From that day forward, Buffalo Turbine realized this discovery would have a huge impact in the debris blowing market.

This discovery laid the ground work for the invention of the first turbine style debris blower. After the first day of testing at a local country club, using the first prototype, it was easy to see how quick the blower moved thatch, aeration cores, leaves and sand. This test made it very apparent that the new blowers would be a great tool in the golf and turf markets. Following its early success in golf and turf, Buffalo Turbine continued to explore new applications and markets for their turbine technology. Along with new applications came the need for new models. Buffalo Turbine currently manufactures 14 different powerful model debris blowers, utilized in over 20 different industries.
In 2008, Buffalo Turbine developed the Monsoon misting line for dust and odor control. These systems utilize the existing turbine technology along with their gyratory atomizing nozzle (GAN) to effectively apply mist. Introducing atomized water droplets to dust is one of the best methods for controlling and reducing dust in commercial applications. By creating a canopy of micron size atomized fluid droplets, fugitive airborne dust particles instantly bond to it, then become heavier and drop to the ground. Unlike previous solutions to dust and odor control Buffalo Turbine’s Monsoons are lightweight, maneuverable, cost effective, and only require standard water supply pressure.

Over the past 70 years Buffalo Turbine has strived to produce American made products, employ American workers, implement the highest quality standards, utilize years of experience and engineering research to apply it to each of the Buffalo Turbine’s products. Paul Syracuse, Buffalo Turbine GM, says that he and the ownership are committed to the future growth of Buffalo Turbine and will continue to promote our products by investing in 20+ trade shows every year, support and educate our rock solid, worldwide, dealer / distributor network, advertise in numerous magazines, maintain an informative, professional web site and most importantly, focus on customer service, because our customers are why we are in business today.

The unfortunate reality over the last 6 years is trying to dealing with the copy-cat companies that claim they have a better turbine blower than Buffalo Turbine. Regardless, Buffalo Turbine encourages anyone interested in purchasing a turbine blower to verify the mistruths that are occasionally being presented by the competition to simply get that sale. Ask to run head to head with a comparable Buffalo Turbine unit or try one of the many other powerful, quality blower units. Our cost effective quality products, superior customer service and proven track record are the main reasons Buffalo Turbine continues to be the worldwide leader in the debris blower industry.

Syracuse also wants to clarify a sales tactic rumor that has been used by a few of the competitor’s sales people. “Those knockoff turbine blowers are not in any way affiliated with Buffalo Turbine. Buffalo Turbine is the original and the best”.

As they enter 2015, Buffalo Turbine plans to celebrate their 70th anniversary by developing new, more effective and reliable products and most importantly, provide the best Customer Service in the industry.