New Fuel Saving ECH749 Kohler® EFI Engine Option Announced For Cyclone KB5 Models

Springville, NY [February 1, 2013] – Buffalo Turbine LLC, the leader in the debris blower industry, has developed another INDUSTRY FIRST by incorporating the ECH749 Kohler, Closed-Loop, Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) option onto the popular Cyclone KB5 debris blower.  Rising fuel prices and increased awareness toward environmental impacts have opened the door for EFI engine use. The ECH749 EFI Kohler Engine is designed to “reduce fuel consumption and maximize power” as well as having a 3-year unlimited-hour, commercial warranty.

A fuel savings study was conducted by Kohler to determine the potential savings that will be recognized when compared to a similar carbureted engine. The results of this study, at a fuel cost of $3.75 per gallon, showed an average savings of $1.13 per hour, averaging out to $675.00 annual savings, based on 600 annual hours of operation.

Another great feature of the new Buffalo Turbine CKB/EFI debris blower is the addition of a start/stop function to the wireless control system. Competitors have advertised this function in the past but customers still had to physically walk over to manually choke the engine unit prior to starting. Buffalo Turbine’s Cyclone KB5/EFI unit will have complete nozzle, throttle and start/stop control from the operator’s position using the wireless system.