Buffalo Turbine Competes Showdown of the Unbeatables!

National Geographic Channel enters a battle royale, pitting entrepreneurs and their innovations against each other in SHOWDOWN OF THE UNBEATABLES. In each showdown, only one will walk away victorious.

Each episode showcases three product match-ups. The companies that designed them are varied as the inventions: some are mom-and-pop shops with one killer product while others are multimillion dollar corporations with extensive resources. What they all share is a passion for their product and the unshakeable belief that it can’t be beaten. Ever.

In this episode Buffalo Turbine squares off against the claimed world’s best, Blunt Umbrellas. The Wall Street Journal says, “Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between a suspension bridge and a NASA space probe.” Meanwhile, Buffalo Turbine blowers have been used to simulate hurricane like conditions. Only one will walk away victorious.