Dust Control Odor Control
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Diesel and Gas Monsoon

Springville, NY – 2015 marks Buffalo Turbine’s 70 year anniversary. Throughout its history Buffalo Turbine has created and implemented progressive technologies into all of their products. In 2014 Buffalo Turbine released their Diesel Monsoon Dust & Odor control model (BT-D1003M). The Diesel Monsoon unveiled the innovative 270 degree oscillation ring which reduced weight, increased range, oscillation speed, and maneuverability. Powering the D1003M is a Tier 4 compliant 26.5HP Kohler 3-cylinder diesel engine. Built for industrial and commercial use, the diesel engine features liquid cooling, dual air cleaners and both heat and oil safety shut offs. The overall cost savings and long term benefits include 15% more fuel efficiency and up 2 twice the engine life compared to gas engines. Also featured is an easily maneuverable three-wheel off-highway trailer and common ¾” connection. Dual six gallon fuel tanks extend run time to 8 hours or more. To keep focused on the job at hand, the gyratory atomizing nozzle (GAN) eliminates costly downtime and maintenance associated with clogging using common spray nozzles used by the dust control misting system competitors.

Since the release of the diesel monsoon’s new oscillation, Buffalo Turbine has been overwhelmed with customer requests for the same system to be fitted on their gasoline model (BT-MGC). Previous to its release Buffalo Turbine offered optional oscillation through the use of a three wheeled oscillation base that ranged from 30 to 80 degrees of oscillation. Buffalo Turbine has responded to the requests with their new BT-MGC2.