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Buffalo Turbine Introduces – Blitz Stand-On Debris Blower.

Springville, New York [January 11, 2024] – Buffalo Turbine is proud to present the Blitz Stand-On debris blower, designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce labor demands, and prioritize operator comfort. It is offered in two models to meet diverse needs: the Blitz BT-SB26 with a 26HP EFI gas engine and the Blitz BT-SB40 with a robust 40HP EFI gas engine.

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Buffalo Turbine company owner, Louis Horschel expresses enthusiasm stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the first fully-featured stand-on turbine debris blower! The Blitz provides best-in-class performance and productivity.”

With applications across multiple industries and low cost of maintenance, the Blitz Stand-On blower makes a perfect addition for rental equipment dealers. Popular customer segments include:

  • Parks and recreation. The Blitz offers the ease and comfort of a self-contained stand-on. Expedite grass clipping and leaf clean-up.
  • As powerful as the Buffalo Turbine MEGA, this unit will move aggregate and millings, along with general dust and debris from the surface.
  • “The Blitz stand on is 20% faster than our tow behind units,” states Brian Coyne, Superintendent, Springville Country Club. Effectively opening greens quicker for golfers.
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All-day comfort is met with its high-performance independent suspension, contoured lean pad, and adjustable shock stand platform. All engineered to reduce operator fatigue to promote all day productivity. The Blitz Stand-On debris blower even features high strength LED headlamps for pre-dawn and evening convenience.

Key to its effectiveness is the integrated turbine blower, providing unmatched blowing power. The 360-degree nozzle rotation control, strategically placed within the drive handles, allows operators to rotate the nozzle seamlessly while in motion, ensuring optimal efficiency in debris-clearing tasks. Speed and comfort were the focus on the design and a compliment to Buffalo Turbine’s already known high-level of quality.

The Buffalo Turbine Blitz stands out for its exceptional performance, durability, and customer satisfaction commitment, backed by a 10-year warranty. For business owners seeking a tool to save time and labor, the Blitz Stand-On is a game-changer. Its rapid debris-clearing capabilities, combined with a smooth ride, translate to heightened productivity.

Explore the Blitz and other products from Buffalo Turbine by visiting our web site at or contact 716-592-2700.

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About Buffalo Turbine:

Buffalo Turbine’s Debris Blowers, Sprayers / Dusters, and Dust & Odor Control equipment are all manufactured at our facility in Springville, New York (14141), USA. Since 1945, Buffalo Turbine has manufactured and shipped thousands of units worldwide to the Golf, Demolition, Mosquito and Vector Abatement Districts, Military, Construction, Paving, Blacktop Sealers, Landscaping and Homeowner markets